REMINISCENCE and the UNSEEN: Recent Works by Darin Darby and Tim Tonachella

Reminiscence and the Unseen features two artists whose work aims to understand human relationships to the world and to each other. Both explore urban life through themes of family and community, but also touch upon the fragmentation and isolation that is part of our city’s landscape.

Darin Darby

Darin Darby is a self-taught artist that has developed a unique process of portrait making he calls Laypuzzim art. His collage technique begins with textured card stock paper, mat board or wood. Each individual color of the art piece is cut out by hand, layered and puzzled together to create an image using negative space. Many of his thought-provoking images are inspired by events from his childhood in Detroit. Some of his current work also features biblical themes and poignant father and son portraits.

Tim Tonachella

Tim Tonachella is a legally blind artist who has had a life-long love of photography, but his limited sight made him reluctant to do more than family snapshots and personal projects. With the encouragement of friends, who helped him attain the equipment needed to bring life to his art, Tim began focusing on the city landscape and people of Detroit. His images capture the personality of the city and some of its forgotten residents, focusing on the feeling of seclusion that often accompanies urban living.