D•CONSTRUCTION: Metamorphosis of the City

Presented by MOSAIC Productions and OFFICE SPACE Gallery

May 11, 2018 • Metro Detroit

This Call for Submissions is open to all Artists.

Already the place we like to call Old Paris

Is a thing of the past. (Not even my impulsive

Heart can change its mood as quick as a city

Changes its look.) Now it’s only the eye

Of the mind that can see far back enough to envision

What used to be here: all the stalls and the little shops

Vivid as their Greek columns so crudely engraved,

Even the occasional tufts of grass poking up

At the base of cornerstones turning green with moss

As they soak in puddles that shake with my reflection…

…Paris puts on a new face. New palaces,

New scaffolding set for erecting taller facades.

Everything but my melancholy has moved.

Now it’s only through allegory’s winding alleys

That I turn the corner and find the streets as they were—

But no way to get out from under the crushing dread

That all those cherished days in all those places

Are buried under memory’s rubble. No wonder,

Of all the moving images I see in the Louvre

None is sadder than my swan in its majesty.

— Excerpted from Le Cygne (the Swan), by Charles Baudelaire


D•Construction addresses the economic, social and political issues that arise

as a result of the restructuring and gentrification of urban communities. Artists

working in all media are invited to submit recent (within the last two years) works

of art that call into question the ongoing reconstruction of Detroit and its impact

on the city’s landscape, its citizens and their ways of seeing. Specifically, artists

are asked to explore the influence of the renovations occurring in Detroit’s

various neighborhoods and their affect on the city’s population. Issues of race,

identity and the general well being of a community can be considered, but

artists are not limited to these themes. As comparison, artists may also reflect

upon the stories of other urban centers in the throes of change.

The exhibition D•CONSTRUCTION: Metamorphosis of the City is intended as

a visual discourse that questions, critiques and brings to light the many and

varied perspectives of the changing city of Detroit.

In partnership with Mosaic Productions, this exhibition will take place at the

Office Space Gallery, and will run from May 11 through June 23, 2018.

All submissions must be of original design and personal execution.

SUBMISSIONS: Open January 13 and Close April 15, 2018 (final art due May 4)

Please follow the submission guidelines set out below.

• Painting/Illustrations/Photos: Submit no more than one (1) Digital

photo/scan of each piece.

• Sculpture & Multi-Dimensional Art: Submit no more than three (3) digital

photos per piece.

• Film/Video: 3 stills and a brief description. Do Not email Mpegs or video

files. (Also see CD/DVD instructions below). You may email a hosted link

to a video file.

• Performance Art and Installations: Email proposal, 100 words or less.

(Also see CD/DVD instructions below).

Send samples of your work via electronic submission to

Attn: Jeanne Moore, curator at [email protected]

Artists may submit up to a maximum of four (4) pieces. (Please send only one email)

Please Include:

Artist’s Name,

Address, City, State, Postal Code

Phone number,



Physical dimensions of piece(s).


Technical image requirements

Digital photos/scans should be saved in JPEG RGB format (300kb files or less, 5”x7”


Images should be named in the following manner, the artist’s last name, short title, and

the number (i.e. “Jones_Madonna_1.jpg”, “Jones_Cross_2.jpg, etc.)

Send image files as attachments in your email only.

Do not send a compressed, Zipped or Stuffed folders.

Do Not send your submissions as a link to your website or image gallery.

Send all images in the same email, to: [email protected]

Film/Video & Performance Submission Method:

Send a DVD or CD of your project, with your name clearly marked to:

D•Construction: Metamorphosis of the City

C/O Jeanne Hunter-Moore, Curator, Gallery Director

Office Space Gallery

2870 E. Grand Blvd, Suite 200

Detroit, MI 48150

Please Include:

Artist’s Name,

Address, City, State, Postal Code

Phone number,



Time of piece(s).


Do not email us a video file directly; if available, only emails a hosted link to your video

file. You may send video stills in the form of jpegs in advance of an actual

CD/DVD/Video Link.

CD/DVDs will not be returned.

Send all still images and or video links in the same email, to:

[email protected]


Selection and Notification: Please do not email us inquiring as to the status of your

submission(s). Artists with works selected for the show will be notified, via email,

phone, or by mail.

Upon acceptance, artists will receive registration information that needs to be filled out

completely and returned along with processing fee of $5.00 US, which is considered

shipping fee coverage (checks made payable to Jeanne M. Moore).

Over-sized pieces incur higher shipping rates so you may wish to consult your shipping

carrier first.

All art submitted and accepted to the show should be for sale. Mosaic Productions

retains a 30% commission on all sales made during the exhibition. All participants’ work

will be featured and for sale on the OFFICE SPACE Gallery website as well.

How the work is judged.

Submissions for D•Construction can take any form and be as serious, edgy or satirical

as the artist’s chosen subject permits. All art is considered, from the high, to the low,

from the biggest names, to first time artists.

The art can be in any medium and range in style from the classic/academic to the most

abstract of expression. Final decision regarding submissions is based the whether the

work is appropriate to the exhibition’s theme.

The organizers/curators of D•Construction will jury this exhibit. We will also consult

with gallery owners and artists for second opinions.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanne Hunter- Moore by phone at

248.875.7332 or email: [email protected].


Billy Hunter and Jeanne Hunter-Moore

Mosaic Productions, LLC

3221 Woodstock

Detroit, MI 48221

313.478.6722 or 248.875.7332

[email protected]

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